When Felicia was fifteen years old, her best friend Holly had committed suicide. She found out after her death that Holly had suffered with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) stemming from the trauma of childhood abuse.  Felicia’s real life experience with her own childhood abuse, major depression and dealing with her best friend’s suicide, inspired her to write her first novel entitled HER.

It is the story of a young woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who courageously peels back the layers of her complex and serious mental illness in a desperate attempt to understand it. It is a story that takes the reader into the mind of someone who suffers with a mental illness to help families, friends and loved ones of those who suffer, understand what it’s like to have BPD.

This novel is to help bring the understanding of mental illnesses and disorders within reach of many young people and families afflicted with these life-changing challenges. HER has already helped many come to terms with mental health issues they face.

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The spin off of “HER” is called “OK Danny Boy” 
This three part book series follows the story of an artistic and mysterious young man who Kristen meets during her stay in Bent Creek Hospital.

Daniel proved to be a supportive peer, whom Kristen saw as a positive influence throughout her recovery. However, Daniel had not always been a role model. Daniel is diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, OCD and Juvenile Diabetes. His story follows his journey throughout his healing and learning to cope with life’s transitions, coming of age, living with mental illness as well as a physical illness and the suicide of a close friend. Fans of “HER” will get to see what it was like on the other side of the Adolescent Ward.

Part one: “CHAOS” follows Daniel’s life before he goes into Bent Creek Hospital during his mental breakdown. (Available now)

Part two: “MONSTER”

Daniel’s story while he is in Bent Creek Hospital through his treatment.   ( January 12, 2018)






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Part three: “LOVE” follows Daniel after his treatment in Bent Creek Hospital into his recovery process.

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Here’s a look at the first teaser book trailer for “OK Danny Boy:
 Readers can read a sample of OK Danny Boy and watch an intro video featuring author Felicia Johnson here.
*It is recommended that readers pick up a copy of “HER” and read it prior to reading “OK Danny Boy“. Fans of “HER” will enjoy reading “OK Danny Boy” because they will get a glimpse into the mind of one of “HER“‘s most memorable characters and find out what it was like on the boy’s side of the adolescent psych ward.


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Stories of perseverance


Stories of Perseverance

Felicia Johnson’s essay about using writing and journaling for healing is featured in this anthology of inspirational stories of real people who have persevered through difficult times in their lives.



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Felicia Johnson is a featured author in the book My Way 5 About Life. Check her out with other notable authors who share their own life experiences


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