Advocacy and Mentoring

Felicia has over 10 years working in the mental health and behavioral health field. She is currently a youth mentor at Youth Villages Inner Harbour in Doulgasville, GA,   and speaker, writer and advocate for Personality Disorders Awareness Network (PDAN) of Atlanta, GA.

As a child abuse survivor, Felicia uses her own experiences and education in Psychology to raise awareness about mental health, self harm, and abuse.

She promotes wellness and prevention of suicide by mentoring children and advocating for youth and friends and families of survivors.


If you want to educate, inspire and empower your group, Felicia Johnson is just what your event needs! Felicia’s message, inspired by hope, is original, motivational and educational. For over five years, she has been empowering audiences both small and large as a Speaker, Author and Advocate for youth, mental and behavioral health and creative arts.”

What Others Have To Say

To contact Felicia or book her for an event email:


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