YOUR voice = your story.

“As a ghostwriter, I’m here to help you write your own story. I help you find your voice and shape content for your story to structure it out one chapter at a time. It will be in your voice because YOU are the author. I’ll structure and write out the details and points that we discuss for your story. However, it is you who decides the characters, people, places, things, memories, emotions, humor, drama, points in life that are relevant to the content of your story.  You decide what is to be included in your book. Any additional information, omissions and changes are entirely up to you.”

Felicia Johnson has ghost written for fiction and non-fiction projects.

She works with authors looking for help finding and writing their voices.  She uses information from research, interviews, outlining, creative writing, and meetings to understand and empathize with the author in order to capture his/her voice.


Fees are estimated by how much time and money a project will require. Variables include: length of work, genre, topic, target deadline, review materials, and availability. Felicia provides high quality work at affordable prices. References can be provided at your request.

If you’re interested in a quote for your work, please write to

For more info on what ghostwriting is click here

4 thoughts on “Ghostwriting”

  1. This sounds very interesting to do I thought about route moans story for a long time now just never knew about how to go about it if you could please contact me thank you


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