“Big thank you to Felicia Johnson for coming to the Hammer Community Centre tonight as part of her UK tour to share her powerful story. Hearing what she’s been through in her life, and the amazing work she is doing around mental health, is so inspiring!”       ~ Stephen Paul of S.A.M.H.I (Suicide Awareness & Mental Health Initiative)

‘I am 64 years of age and have been experiencing severe and enduring mental health illness for 40 years.  This has resulted in many admissions to mental health hospital and continuing to be under the care of mental health services.  I have faced many hurdles in my life as I had to stop work due to my mental health and have often felt isolated from the world.  Medication helps but having social activities and connecting with other people is the most important thing to keep me well.

I first became aware of Felicia and her book “Her” in May 2016 when she spoke at a charitable event in Newtownabbey.  Felecia spoke opening and honestly about her own experiences of mental illness, suicidal thoughts and abuse and a lot of what she said resonated with me.  I thought it was very brave of her and helped me because someone who was like me was able to speak out.  It helped me feel like there was hope.  Felicia’s talk was inspiring in a way I had never seen because she has been suicidal and is able to share her story of hope.

Following the event I read “Her”.  This is the first book I had read in many years as my concentration hasn’t allowed me to read, a hobby I once enjoyed very much.  I was totally lost in the story as it was like clear memories for me, like Felicia had been in my head, writing my life.  The descriptions of the hospitals and some of the positive and negative experience of Kristen reminded me of my time in hospital and helped me see that people in other parts of the world experience the same things.

Reading the book helped me see that I wasn’t the only person to suffer in the way had and helped me feel not so alone in the world.  I now have more hope and understanding of some of my experiences.” ~ Elizabeth Cameron, Northern Ireland, UK

“Felicia Johnson an amazing lady… And her moment in my day today, was exactly when I needed. Her personality shines on stage! And her story in my life is relatable. Never stop! She is the voice, the microphone and the amplifier that we all need, all rolled into one”  ~Lola Lemon, Belfast, UK Northern Ireland Trust
“HER” by Felicia Johnson is a clear description of living with a mental illness and the strength and courage it takes to live with mental illness.  This is a book I think everyone should read, especially if you work with teenagers or have children of your own. I have talked to the author of this book and she is remarkable and is very dedicated to working with people who are struggling.  Felicia Johnson is a real life hero and a remarkable positive powerful influence to those around her.  Talking to her and reading this book is truly one of my many blessings since I have started this journey.”  ~ Trenda Tbird London, Advocate and Blogger

From a speaking engagement to youth in North Atlanta click here for details


“I’m going to write in my journal as much as I can so that I don’t forget the good memories. Like when Miss Felicia said that she wrote in her journal to remember her friend who had died. I don’t want to forget how she helped us and brought the journals for us. That was one of the nicest things anyone has done. I don’t want to forget this.” ~ Victoria age 15

“Thank you, Felicia, for coming to our little space to speak to our kids. You have made a tremendous impact with your sisterly warmth, kindness, and generosity. I am sure that the kids have thoroughly enjoyed you speaking with them today. We hope that you will come back and visit us again soon!” ~ Sharon K. – Youth Advocate and Mentor

 Girls from  LNGBI Power Circle South Africa

LNGBIgirls with journals

 “I found the Skype enlightening because there were many things I was uncertain of like my career and writing.  Thank you because if it weren’t for the Skype I wouldn’t have started writing again.  I have started writing a play which I am at Act 2 already…
 ~ Mpumelelo Ngcobo (M.P.), 15yrs old


“What I really liked about the Skype session was that you motivated me about how to not let anyone put me down or make me feel ashamed of myself”  ~ Buhle Zondo, 12yrs old


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