The Documentary

“A Loser’s Tattoo”

Felicia Johnson documents her first tattoo via video journals as a means of therapy and recovery from when she used to self-harm as a teenager. In this documentary, Felicia interviews artists, mental health professionals, and other survivors of self abuse.

Our mission is to spread light on the addiction of self harming, depression and the effects that it has on families and friends of their loved ones who struggle.

Body art (tattooing) is a great way to cover scars from self harm during and after recovery.


2 thoughts on “The Documentary”

  1. Did you ever go for the tattoo? I think your fans would love to see it! I know I would. I have five but only two really mean something to me. I am looking to get a sixth that is meaningful but I am taking my time. I hope you did go and get it.


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