Felicia readily engages her audiences with the moving story of her survival from child abuse, homelessness as a teenager, and past self harm and depression.

She uses her knowledge, educational background in Psychology, and over ten years of work in the mental health field to empower, encourage, educate and enlighten her audiences. 

Presents keynote address, speaking engagements, trainings and presentation on:

  • Suicide (education and prevention)
  • Personality Disorders (BPD)
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Trauma (emotional and psychological)
  • Mental health awareness
  • Survivors
  • Self harm and abuse (cutting, etc.)
  • Teenage homelessness
  • Depression
  • Writing & Journaling

References can be provided at your request.

Testimonials for Felicia’s Presentations and Workshops:

“After hearing Felicia Johnson speak, I was amazed at her honesty and strength. While sharing feelings of her best friend who was the inspiration for her book, ‘HER’, we moved by what she had to say about her survival. Felicia’s positive energy filled the room and grasped my attention. I felt her life was completely changed by her surviving her best friend’s suicide and overcoming her own past dealing with child abuse and other adversities. I didn’t really know a lot about the effects of these mental health challenges before hearing Felicia speak on it, but now know that many people who live with mental health issues share the life struggle. From that moment, I wanted to read her book and experience the poetic language and engaging story line that I knew would be present in the book. Felicia’s presentation and workshop was phenomenally educational and moving.” ~ Mary K. McCrary of National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI)

“In direct care, we as providers often struggle to gain insight into how the patient is feeling or perceiving their treatment, and Felicia’s story certainly helps glean insight into the patient’s perspective and needs for long term health.  Great testimony and overall representation of what mental health means and how many have the potential to thrive despite a diagnosis.”                                                                                                         ~ Debra Price, LPC, CPCS

“I transitioned into a new role at Willowbrooke and had the pleasure of taking on some existing “projects”. One of these projects was to “get Felicia to speak… share her story”. I approached Felicia’s publicist in an effort to put get to know each of them better and book a date for her to come speak at our facility. After hearing bits of her story through online gatherings and communication with her publicist, I knew we had “scored” in finding Felicia! We booked a date, and continued to communicate regularly until that date arrived. Meeting her in person and hearing her story was not only educational and informative, but also heart-warming, motivating, and inspiring. Felicia is a true talent and a true success story. She is hungry to help others through their battles, having total confidence that they can win their war!  ~ Autumn Bram, Willowbrooke @Tanner Management

Felicia Speaking At The Women’s Empowerment Event For The National Alliance On Mental Illness Augusta, GA – Felicia shares her story about overcoming childhood abuse, depression, and losing her best friend to suicide.

Felicia co-organized and spoke At The Women’s Empowerment Event For The National Alliance On Mental Illness Augusta, GA – Felicia shared her story about overcoming childhood abuse, depression, and losing her best friend to suicide. She won the award for co-facilitator and strong speaker at the NAMI Augusta Women’s Empowerment Conference.

Click here to see Felicia Speaking at the National Alliance on Mental Illness affiliate in Cobb County, Georgia

Speaking engagement at the Gutsy Gals Inspire Me Awards where Felicia was nominated for 2014. She won the award for overcoming psychological adversity and writing her book. She is featured at 28:00.
Click here to view

Here’s what Felicia had to say about the Gutsy Gals Inspire Me Awards. “Click here to read more

Here what girls from LNGBI Girls Power Circle 2014 South Africa has to say:

PowerCircle girls






Felicia Johnson  and Frederic Bien (President of PDAN) went to Decatur, Georgia, and spent 3 hours talking with the kids and parents, and doing exercises with them. It was a FANTASTIC time. Many children really enjoyed the stories and skill building exercises. The reception from the parents was even warmer… Amazing questions and stories shared with adults who devote their homes and weekends to helping children in need of a good home.








What Other Have To Say…

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