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Now you can purchase your own autographed/signed books.

If you buy through this website you will receive an autographed paperback and free bookmark with your book(s).



Get “HER” by Felicia Johnson paperback book, autographed with a personal note from the author to the reader.



Autographed “HER” and “OK Danny Boy” Paperback Book and Mr. Sharp bookmark package


Mr. Sharp and “HER” by Felicia Johnson (bookmarks only)




“OK Danny Ok Danny Boy 3D_CoverBoy” by Felicia Johnson Autographed/Signed book and special edition “OK Danny Boy” bookmark.

Special note: Special Edition bookmarks will be mailed out at the time of purchase. 






OK Danny Boy Part II, Monster:

Purchase your  autographed copies of Monster



“OK Danny Boy part III: LoveOk Danny Boy Love” by Felicia Johnson.

“LOVE” follows Daniel after his treatment in Bent Creek Hospital into his recovery process.

Autographed/Signed book and special edition “OK Danny Boy” bookmark.



“OK Danny Boy Trilogy” by Felicia Johnson.

Autographed edition.


To purchase several books or a bulk quantity for your school, groups, charity, library, university,  therapy clients, etc. please email me at for special rates (minimum 5 or more books).

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